Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

The OMGs Model Driven Architecture (MDA) defines an approach to IT system specification that separates the specification of system functionality from the specification of the implementation of that functionality on a specific technology platform. To this end, the Model Driven Architecture defines an architecture for models that provides a set of guidelines for structuring specifications.

The primary concept within MDA is the use of the following layered models:

  1. Computation-Independent Model
  2. Platform Independent Model
  3. Platform Specific Model

Select Business Solutions has always recognized this separation and the resultant mappings, which has allowed us to create the Select Solution for MDA.

Our Select Perspective process and Select Solution Factory tools provide distinct Business Process Modeling (BPM), Application Design (based on platform independent components) and Platform Specific component models.

Linking and traceability is provided between all three, the latter two being provided by Select Asset Manager. Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is about more than template driven code generation, as some vendors would have you believe. We have true three level separation and even extend into the design of physical component deployment, giving you four levels of abstraction. Ultimately, this leads to simplification and a clearer understanding.