Select SSADM

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Select SSADM completely and accurately describes all application deliverables so managers can significantly improve project plans and track real progress. Select SSADM also offers flexible facilities that encourage managers to customize the methodology to satisfy the demands of specific projects.

Select SSADM includes visual modeling tools and automatic documentation features, supporting the SSADM user-centered approach, so you can deliver applications that meet actual business needs. In addition, Select SSADM helps you formulate a clear understanding of business rules and documents the links between those business rules and your application, delivering flexible designs that can change with your business.

Select SSADM offers the power and flexibility you need to support application development projects using SSADM. Select SSADM completely supports the full range of structured techniques described in SSADM Practitioner Manual 4.2, including the following features and diagram types:

  • General Diagram, Structure and Text tools to support Business Activity Modeling, Business and Technical Systems Options and Work Practice Modeling.
  • Requirements Catalogue, Event Catalogue, Enquiry Catalogue and Data Catalogue
  • Data Flow Models, Logical Data Models, Update Process Models, Enquiry Process Models and Physical Data Models Menu Structures and I/O Structures
  • Function Definitions and Effect Correspondence Diagrams Entity Access Matrix and Enquiry Access Paths
  • Intelligent model transformation tools to support main SSADM techniques and perform key transformations automatically
  • Integrated modeling tools to hold analysis and design information in a common dictionary used to automatically link objects to all appropriate diagrams
  • Built-in consistency and completeness checks using SSADM rules to validate system models
  • Access to the open information repository through OLE automation, supporting custom applications and interfaces