Select Yourdon

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Select Yourdon provides integrated modeling support for the full range of modeling techniques (eg. Data Flow Diagrams and Entity Relationship Diagrams) in the Yourdon Method. Take advantage of full support for the real-time techniques including both Hatley-Pirbhai and Ward-Mellor real-time extensions. Comprehensive method support is combined with rigorous completeness and consistency checks. Interactive checks monitor progress as users work and comprehensive checks at the end of each session ensure design consistency throughout the project.

Select Yourdon completely and accurately describes all application deliverables so managers can significantly improve project plans and track real progress. Select Yourdon also offers flexible facilities that encourage managers to customize the methodology, satisfying the demands of each project.


  • Comprehensive support for Yourdon Method tools and techniques.
  • Data Flow Diagrams and Control Flow Diagrams, supported with the Ward- Mellor and Hatley-Pirbhai real-time extensions.
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams that provide full support for the Chen Method.
  • Integrated modeling tools that hold analysis and design information in a common dictionary used to automatically link objects to all appropriate diagrams.
  • Built-in consistency and completeness checks that implement rules defined in Yourdon techniques to validate system models.
  • Access to the open information repository through OLE automation that supports custom applications and interfaces.