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Business Intelligence For the Mainframe

In today's complex economy, Select Business Solutions offers the one product that is tailored to provide efficient business intelligence software solutions for the mainframe environment.

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Application Development

Select’s Application Development Tools provide comprehensive, enterprise scale, software development solutions to help you deliver quality applications using industry standard techniques such as BMM, BPMN, UML, MDA, SSADM, Yourdon and data modeling.  In addition, Select offers process maturity tools to aid your lifecycle compliance, Academic Site Licenses and a suite of over 120 hours of video based training.

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Mainframe Reporting

Select's NOMAD and UltraQuest are recognized leaders worldwide in end user reporting, data extraction and analysis. They provide efficient, end user access to mainframe data sources including DB2, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, and Teradata.

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Data Management

Our new product, Transit ETL can be used to quickly extract and transform data from mainframe and mid-tier systems for a variety of data migration projects. NOMAD provides data management solutions including data marts, data warehouses, operational data stores and many unique implementations.

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