NSM/CICS Companion Framework

The following diagram illustrates how NSM (NOMAD Session Manager) and CICS share data from Temporary Storage or Transient Data Queues:

NSM/CICS Companion Framework

The NOMAD Session Manager CICS RTP is invoked from CICS via the EXEC CICS START command. A NOMAD application executes and then returns control to CICS.

CICS transactions are invoked from NOMAD via the SYSTEM transid command.

Data is passed to NOMAD from CICS via READQ and WRITEQ commands to Temporary Storage Queues or Transient Data Queues.

Data is passed to CICS from NOMAD using the FILE DEFINE and READ, WRITE, LIST or CREATE commands to the same Temporary Storage or Transient Data Queues. When done, a CLOSE command flushes the buffers and makes the fileid available for other processing.
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