Data Marts
A data mart is a repository of data gathered from operational data and other sources that is designed to serve a particular group of users. The emphasis of a data mart is on meeting specific needs in terms of analysis, content, presentation, and ease-of-use. In addition, a data mart often uses aggregation or summarization of the data to enhance query performance. Users of a data mart can expect to have data presented in an accessible and relevant format.

UltraQuest and Data Marts

UltraQuest is a powerful tool for unlocking the information held in data sources such as DB2, IMS, IDMS, VSAM, and Teradata databases for S/390. UltraQuest permits users to combine these different data sources together to create a data mart which can be stored on the mainframe in a permanent (Point in Time) or temporary (Live Data) UltraQuest database. The data mart can also be downloaded in a comma or tab delimited file to be imported in to a local database product. UltraQuest can also create XML output to share with other applications and supports Web Services.

Utilizing built in functions; UltraQuest can aggregate or summarize the data. Also, UltraQuest allows users to combine data stored in UltraQuest database data mart with live or current data for comparison reporting. Storing the data mart in a temporary UltraQuest database allows the data to be refreshed each time the report or data extract request is executed.

UltraQuest Batch facilities provide the ability to have data marts produced during production runs making them available for the users upon completion. Also, with UltraQuest’s graphical capabilities the data can be presented in many different types of graphs.

Storing the data mart in an UltraQuest database allows security at not only the database level but record and field level based on groups and user levels.

UltraQuest simplifies large amounts of diverse production data that spans across the enterprise and creates something that is accessible and meaningful.

Solution Breakdown

Access to multiple data sources maximizes all your information resources

Store the data mart in an UltraQuest database for enterprise wide access.

Ability to create both permanent and temporary data marts.

Built in functions to summarize or aggregate the data.

Batch facilities to create data marts during production runs.

Download the data mart and import into local database.

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