Enterprise Reporting for S/390
Unsurpassed reporting and analysis facilities for legacy data

Select Business Solutions offers a number of reporting solutions for the enterprise based on our over 25 years of experience in the reporting and analysis business. With 80% of Corporate America's data still residing on the S/390 platform, our expertise for efficient reporting access to this critical S/390 data from a variety of platforms including the Web makes our products the right choice for your organization.

Our most recent product, UltraQuest Reporter, gives end users the ability to create their ad hoc reports or execute parameterized reports from their desktop with standard Web browsers and our Java client. It provides efficient access to either IBM's DB2 for OS/390 or VM, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, Teradata, or QSAM data sources. Reports can be viewed immediately through the Web browser or executed in batch for viewing later. UltraQuest's user interface supports a full spectrum of users from novice to expert to handle even the most complex reporting requirements. Tuned specifically for the S/390 platform and its data, UltraQuest is the Web-based, reporting system of choice for complete enterprise access.

When you need access to the mainframe data from a number of Windows clients (Excel, Visual Basic, Access, etc.), then RP/Server is the answer. This middleware product teamed with Front & Center provides an unbeatable combination for TCP/IP and LU2 access from the desktop. This solution converts the mainframe into a powerful server delivering data to the desktop while providing application partitioning for optimized performance of the server and the workstation.

NOMAD for Reporting is a S/390 4GL with excellent reporting facilities for access to heterogeneous data sources such as IBM's DB2 for OS/390 or VM, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, Teradata, or QSAM. Its simple yet robust language, 140 built-in functions, and access efficiencies make NOMAD unsurpassed in functionality and flexibility.

For 3270-style reporting for novice users, QLIST is the right tool. It prompts the end user through a series of dialogs providing all the power needed to handle the toughest reporting requests.

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