NOMAD Collection

The NOMAD Collection is a complete set of productivity tools and facilities that speed the use of NOMAD by all users:

A variety of tools and code generators make application development easier and faster

Templates provide quick-start facilities for windowed application design

The NOMAD Collection provides improved productivity and faster results to your application staff and users. The NOMAD Collection offers everything you need for building powerful and time-saving solutions in one easy-to-use package. The NOMAD Collection includes NOMAD tools, sample code, demonstrations and customization facilities.


The NOMAD Collection provides tools for application developers, as well as tools that can be made available to end users. These tools vary in power and functionality and can be employed by NOMAD users of all experience levels. Many tools are written in NOMAD, which demonstrates the power and versatility of the language. A variety of facilities are included in the Collection such as:

Procedure generators that prompt for arguments and automatically create NOMAD procedures

Commands that provide common application support functions, such as help and menu processing

Special environments such as forms painting and mapping NOMAD schemas to external files

Simple utilities to perform multiple-step processes, such as dumping selected data for later reloading
Specific NOMAD code generators include:
Builds and updates form descriptions, using screen painting techniques to describe forms
Builds procedures for updating a database, including support for shared databases
Build procedures for moving data from and to various databases. A log of any rejected records is also generated.
Builds a NOMAD schema or a load procedure to map to an external data file.
Allows you to build menus and submenus for an application.
Other productivity-enhancing tools provided are:
Provides functionality similar to ISPF to aid application development within the NOMAD Session Manager environment.
Is an editor which can be used in any NOMAD environment. NED is invoked to satisfy the editing needs of NSPF, as well as other NOMAD environments.
Enables intelligent browsing of a NOMAD report. Scrolling, find and freeze functions are among the facilities provided.
Provides quick implementation of online help facilities within a NOMAD application.

Other A collection of windows utilities which can be incorporated in an application or, in many cases, used interactively

External Function Library

A set of external programs, written in Assembler Language, are provided for gathering information on resource usage, manipulating bit and packed data more easily, and translating character strings. These external functions operate much the same way as the internal functions.


Several demonstrations are included to show the power and flexibility of NOMAD usage, e.g., drill-down reporting, hierarchical updating, etc.

Sample Code

A library of sample NOMAD procedures gives users a quick start and provides them with simple techniques for ongoing usage. While these examples of code are not warranted by Select Business Solutions, they are offered as a learning tool and an aid for users in quickly becoming productive using NOMAD.

Included are:

Samples of using NOMAD Windows facilities.


XCOPYPC: A NOMAD application that enables you to transfer files between the PC and mainframe.

Enhanced Facilities for Customization Language Support

Most messages produced by NOMAD Tools are located in a separate database that enables easy translation to other languages and simplifies customization of messages at any location. The database is currently available in several languages including English, French, German and Japanese.

Function Keys and Screen Attributes

All function keys and screen attributes are defined in one procedure, simplifying the specification of standards. Customization of function keys and screen attributes is supported on a global basis and on a tool-by-tool basis. Some tools provide specific options isolated in one procedure per tool. These tools also support individual user profiles.

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