NOMAD For z/OS Tech Specs

Technical Specifications
  Operating System Version Support
NOMAD is supported when installed with any currently supported versions of z/OS
NOMAD uses IBM's Cross Memory Services for efficient communications between servers and drivers.
Disk Storage
NOMAD's Full Track I/O (FTIO) minimizes I/O and clock time when performing database access functions. By reading a full track of data instead of one record at a time, FTIO greatly reduces the access and paging delays normally experienced in locating and reading a requested record. This, in turn, reduces clock time. FTIO offers elapsed time improvement factors on the average of 7 to 1 for reporting and database formatting, and 15 to 1 for data loading.
Most aspects of NOMAD (including Virtual Data Set Services, Full Track I/O, Windows and BTREE) are allocated above the 16 megabyte line.
Foreign Language Support
NOMAD supports several foreign languages, providing translated error messages, date formats and number formats, as well as support for double-byte (e.g., Kanji) data. An installation can choose to install any or all foreign languages.
NOMAD allows several different levels of security. System profiles, database profiles and user profiles enable restriction of NOMAD commands and data access. Database passwords are provided to allow additional security. System profiles and database profiles can be scrambled or pre-scanned. User exits are available for database access to provide additional security.
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