Aonix® Splits its Organization and Product Lines for two Distinct Markets

Aonix Changes its Name to Select Business Solutions™

BOULDER, Colorado January 2, 2003: Aonix Corporation, a Gores Technology Group portfolio company, today announced the divestiture of its Critical Development Solutions (CDS) division to an investment team lead by former senior management of the division.

The divestiture of the CDS division will allow each company to focus more intensely on their respective markets. As a result of the divestiture, Aonix Corporation will be renamed, Select Business Solutions ( Select Business Solutions will focus directly on the commercial IT sector, while the new CDS company, which will operate under the “Aonix” name, will focus on the Space, Avionics, Defense, Transportation and Industry sectors.

“This is excellent news for both sets of our customers”, states Ashley Abdo, CEO Select Business Solutions, formerly Aonix. “This allows both organizations to focus on their key strengths and deliver solutions to suit their specific market needs. As we see more and more software tools vendors amalgamating it is increasingly important for independent vendors, like ourselves, to remain agile and innovative.”

Select Business Solutions

The restructured company, Select Business Solutions, retains two divisions, Application Development Tools (ADT) and Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions (eBIS), with the Select, NOMAD, and UltraQuest product lines. The name highlights the high quality software solutions represented by all these product lines, the business IT market focus and ‘whole product’ solutions, which include tools, training, processes and consultancy.

“The recent launches of UltraQuest 3.5™, UltraQuest Gateway™, Select Component Factory™ 4.2, Select Process Director™ 2.0, Select Component Portal™ 1.0 and NOMAD® 7.50, show the commitment of the eBIS and ADT divisions, to contemporary business IT needs. Design-by-Contract, browser technology, agile process definition and integration are just a few of the new features which make Select’s business IT customers highly productive and successful. Ongoing extensions to the support for data, .NET, XML, Java, and Web Services reinforce these benefits,” continues Abdo.

CDS Division has a new owner

The CDS product lines have been purchased by a new management group led by former employees of the CDS division and supported by a new set of investors. This will allow the new company to develop the business around the current products, Software Through Pictures® (StP), ObjectAda®, Raven™, TeleUSE®, and high performance Java based products, that are largely used in markets like Space, Avionics, Defense, Transportation and Industry in general. "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to build upon the fantastic foundations of the CDS division." says Nicolas Hadjidakis, CEO and President of the new CDS division company retaining the "Aonix" name. "The current worldwide political climate is intensifying the need for well engineered 'high-integrity' software for mission-critical applications”.

The CDS purchase involves the transfer of the entire infrastructure for the related product lines, including personnel, equipment, and offices, ensuring a smooth transition. Because the CDS product brands have very strong ties to the Aonix name, the name will also be passed on to the new CDS company.

Select Business Solutions Organization

Ashley Abdo will continue as CEO of Select Business Solutions (formerly, Aonix Corporation) along with his corporate management team. The eBIS general manager, Zolt Koczo and the ADT general manager, Darren Scott will remain in their respective roles, as will their management teams and divisional staff.