Select Business Solutions announces the release of Select Business Modeler, for modeling business strategy using Business Motivation Modeling and business processes with Business Process Modeling Notation

Trumbull, CT March 29, 2010: Select Business Solutions, a leader in process and software development tools, announced today the immediate release of its newest modeling tool, Select Business Modeler, with support for the Object Management Group's Business Motivation Model (BMM) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standards.

Providing modeling tools for the business IT specialist has a been a key aim for Select Business Solutions for many years, one which it has backed-up with regular updates to its Select Solution Factory product line, including Select Architect. In recent years Select Architect has been further enhanced with capabilities for modeling business strategy as well as business processes, and, with the release of Select Business Modeler, Select is making these techniques available in a separate product, aimed at strategic business planners and business analysts.

"With the introduction of support for the Business Motivation Model early in 2009, we further recognized that our tools have a broader audience than simply IT specialists" says Phil Webb, Principal Consultant with Select's Application Development Tools division."By releasing Select Business Modeler we're providing a tool which, through its business-focussed features and reduced cost-of-ownership, can be adopted by a wider group of business strategists and analysts, while allowing them to work closely with their IT team should they choose to do so. This opens up support of the Business Motivation Model and Business Process Modeling Notation to many more business change specialists, which will, in particular, further encourage those who've already enthusiastically adopted the BMM."

Select Business Modeler is able to share its models with Select Architect, a business, UML and data modeling tool, allowing the business analyst and IT specialist to develop their models without having to export and import model information. Built on the same object repository technology as Select Architect, and indeed sharing much of its technical infrastructure, Select Business Modeler provides the same enterprise scalability and ease of adoption.

Features in Select Business Modeler include:

  • Business Motivation Modeling - model the Ends (Visions, Goals & Objectives), Means (Missions, Strategies, Tactics & Directives) & Influencers
  • Link Business Motivation elements to Requirements and Business Process modeling elements
  • Business Process Modeling - model process hierarchy and process workflow
  • Business Process simulation - validate and graphically communicate process workflows
  • Requirements documentation - record, manage and organize business and system requirements
  • Customizable document generation - generate documents in Microsoft Word® and HTML
  • Share models with users of Select Architect - Select Business Modeler and Select Architect models are interchangable, allowing application developers to view and work with models created by business modelers

Further information about Select solutions for business analysts and IT specialists, including whitepapers, webcasts and software downloads are available from