Select Business Solutions, a leading provider of mainframe reporting and data access tools, announces today a new release of NOMAD for z/OS

Highlights of this new release are performance and efficiency improvements for NOMAD for z/OS.

Shelton, CT May 24, 2017.

Select Business Solutions is pleased to announce the release of NOMAD version 8.00 for z/OS. This new release includes significant performance and efficiency improvements to the product, as well as other enhancements and a series of updates for compatibility with the latest operating systems and data sources. Most of the performance improvements require no application changes.

Performance and efficiency improvements include the following:

  • Improvements were made to data filtering in NOMAD. The expression following an AND or OR operator in a SELECT command or WHERE clause will be evaluated only when necessary, and the new SELECT DO FIRST/LAST option allows you to control the order in which selection criteria is evaluated.
  • Improvements were made in access to data in DB2 for z/OS. ROWSET fetching during a LIST, CREATE, or DB2 SELECT command allows NOMAD to fetch a set of rows with a single call to the DB2 database engine. Comparisons to &NAV and expressions involving DATE/DATETIME items and AMONG arrays are now processed by DB2. And long EXTNAMEs are now supported.
  • The CLEAR command was enhanced so that it now returns storage that was used for the data in varying arrays and for the INSTANCE function.

Additional features in the release include:

  • NOMAD now fully supports the z/OS VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(NO) security setting.
  • OPTION LISTERROR EVAL allows you to treat a problem encountered during the evaluation of an expression or an assignment during a LIST or CREATE command as an error.
  • Support for generating charts for the Highcharts product from Highsoft has been added, allowing the generation of better and more types of charts without the security issues inherent in using an applet.
  • Security enhancements are included.

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