Select Perspective

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Select Perspective, from Select Business Solutions, is a set of best practices for software development, which have evolved over the last 10 years to become the foremost Component Based Development (CBD) and design process. Our consultants are actively involved in hundreds of successful component based development and service-based projects every year, and their experience is used to keep the Select Perspective at the leading edge. Nowhere else can you get such up to date software development practices.

Select Perspective is easy to adopt. Through its minimal set of key deliverables and hierarchy of documented process workflows, a staged migration from your existing development process is straightforward. To reduce the pain even further, your existing best practices can dovetail into Select Perspective, giving you a software development process which suits the needs of your business precisely and much more quickly than designing your whole process from scratch.

Continually evolving and proven, on hundreds of significant Business IT projects around the globe, Select Perspective™ is Iterative, Incremental and Adaptive.


  • Business Driven IT solutions
  • Full software development life cycle coverage
  • Component Based Development (CBD) and Design (CBDesign)
  • Legacy System integration
  • Package integration
  • Component Selection and Acquisition
  • Techniques Mentoring
  • Role and Responsibility Definitions
  • Business and Technical Architectures
  • Parallel Distributed Development

Select Perspective can be implemented using the following tools:

Select Architect

A scaleable design environment for pragmatic business process modeling (BPM), service and Component Based Development (CBD), UML and database design. Select Architect is widely accepted and recognized as a consistent innovator in the design tools market.

Select Asset Manager

A pioneer in the component management space. It is the 'hub' for storing and tracking versions of an organization's software assets, including component specifications, EJBs, COM components, CORBA, web services and more. It provides a design-time library to support Select Business Solution's design by contract 'Supply, Manage, Consume' approach to CBD.

Select Asset Browser

Provides web based access to Select Asset Manager repositories, enabling internet and intranet searching, facilitating wide reuse of existing software assets.

Reviewer for Select Architect

Automated design reviews with model correction, management reports active mentoring and easy customization

Select Solution for MDA

Select Solution for MDA is a groundbreaking modeling and transformation tool designed to generate, reverse engineer and synchronize all your model viewpoints and your code, based upon UML designs

Select Code Synchronizers

Select JSync, Select C#Sync, Select CSync, Select ForteSync XMLSync, and Select VBSync. UML driven code framework generation, reverse engineering and visual differencing for languages such as Java, XML Schema, Visual Basic, C++, Visual C#, IBM WebSphere, FORTE, SQL DDL and many other.