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With the majority of today's business data sill residing on mainframes, many organizations face the challenge of unlocking this business critical information in order to stay competitive in this global economy. Real-time reporting access to your DB2, IMS, VSAM, Teradata, and IDMS data can truly pinpoint the pertinent information required for improved decision making that can have a major impact on your bottom line.

In addition, there has been increasing business interest in integrating mainframe business data housed in operational or production systems with data stored in Data Warehouses and Data Marts. This challenge allows organizations to lower IT spending, use existing resources more effectively, while maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Case Studies
 Signature Bank - NY

"UltraQuest is a great time saver and can be beneficial to any department.” - Jenny Tam

Ed Messerly, VP - Information and General Services, stated, “our users are very happy with the performance and usability of UltraQuest."
Region 10 Educational Service Center
“The greatest impact made by UltraQuest is that with minimal training, we gave our users the ability to get the data they need when they need it." - Roger Farmer, Special Project Manager
Nielsen Media Research
“With UltraQuest we will accomplish several business goals: the reduction of operating costs, ability to offer new services, and the expansion of our business to new customers, while we significantly offload IT resources to work on other critical issues and leave reporting to the end users.” - Jim Briggs, Director, Production Operations


Media Presentations

Managing Large Databases by Nick Rawlings
In this presentation, Nick discusses the various NOMAD options and choices that are available to improve performance when dealing with large databases.
Reporting Techniques by Scot Stoney
In this presentation, Scot introduces a number of Reporting Techniques appropriate for both NOMAD and UltraQuest users. This session provides you with some new ways of looking at reports, and samples of techniques you can put to use directly.
UltraQuest Reporter Online Demo
The presentation takes you through the simple process of building a report in UltraQuest Reporter via its Guided Tour wizard.
UltraQuest WebServices
These presentations show how UltraQuest WebServices automates the process of building Web services for your legacy data. These presentations provide some general background information on Web services and also show you how to build an application with a standard IDE (Interactive Development Environment) that utilizes Web services.



UltraQuest Cloud Server - using BI products to access mainframe data
UltraQuest Cloud Server is a solution that allows BI tools and report-generating products (e.g. IBM® Cognos, SAP® BusinessObjects™ and SAP® Crystal Reports) to directly access data on z/OS and z/VM. With the Cloud Server, you can use familiar PC software packages to access data from mainframe data sources like VSAM, DB2, IMS, QSAM and NOMAD. End users can retrieve up-to-the-minute information with the BI tools or reporting solutions they already use without having to extract and download the data.
Data Management - Exploiting Your Corporate Information Assets
Select has over 25 years of experience in providing many of the world's largest organizations and government agencies with flexible and powerful data management solutions. This paper details the methodology and technology recommended for building the various types of solutions from a Data Warehouse to the more practical Data Mart.
Web Services for Legacy Data
Select’s Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions division is a provider of Web services with respect to legacy data sources. Utilizing Select’s UltraQuest WebServices, requests for S/390 data can be saved and published as a Web Service. Programmatic access to the Web Service through the WSDL can be obtained through the UltraQuest Library, a repository of Web services as well as published reports, links to applications, and links to other Web sites and Web pages. Through UltraQuest’s WebServices, Java or .NET programmers can quickly gain efficient access to their company’s S/390, legacy data.