Front & Center

For graphical client/server data access

Front & Center is graphical product for the Microsoft Windows environment for ad hoc query, reporting and analysis. Front & Center is built upon the strong foundation of the NOMAD products, taking advantage of years of experience in reporting.

Front & Center is the visual reporting tool that delivers the power to handle the most sophisticated reporting requirements and the ease of use that makes it the tool of choice for business users across the enterprise.

By combining object-oriented GUI technology with unmatched 4GL power for client/server reporting, Front & Center makes it point-and-click easy to combine, compare, and analyze enterprise data. It's WYSIWYG user interface simplifies even the most complex data manipulation and report formatting to point, click, drag, and drop actions. Support for numerous types of table joins makes it easy to incorporate data from different sources.

Default reports can be built from a table or view and then customized in a number of ways. One can finalize the look with control over fonts and highlighting. Or, one can start with a blank screen and drag and drop items directly into the body of the report.

Once a report is formatted as desired, Front & Center provides a number of different reporting options, including running the report to the screen or laser printer, previewing it with only a few records, or moving it to other applications such as word processors or spreadsheets.

The source of Front & Center's power lies under the covers in a complete and powerful fourth generation language. Even the most complex requirements for manipulation and formatting can be easily handled. Among the productivity benefits are more than 100 predefined business and mathematical functions than can be specified visually for inclusion in reports. When one paints a report, the corresponding English-language syntax is generated automatically. Users have the option of reviewing and modifying the language, giving unlimited flexibility for additional customization.

Mainframe, Midrange and LAN Data Access

Front & Center comes LAN-ready and through native interfaces, provides transparent support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase. And through Select Business Solutions' middleware product, RP/Server, users gain high performance access to legacy mainframe data from the desktop.

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