UltraQuest - Web-based Access to Mainframe Data
UltraQuest is a Web-based tool that provides efficient access to mainframe data for reporting and application development by combining mainframe and Web technologies yet supporting an SOA strategy. It consists of a number of major components:

UltraQuest Reporter

UltraQuest Reporter provides ad hoc and self-service reporting from mainframe data sources as well access to Oracle and SQL Server data on mid-tier platforms. Its dialogs include an innovative wizard to facilitate building, modifying, and running reports for business users. Report output can be delivered to the Web browser, to mainframe printers, to PC applications such as Microsoft Excel, via email, or held for redistribution at a later time. Report processing can be either immediate (online) or delayed (batch).
UltraQuest Library
The UltraQuest Library provides for shared reports. Through the Library, any user, who is granted access, can view menus of available reports, choose one, specify run-time options, including prompted parameters and output destinations, and execute it. The Library provides a much simpler interface for casual users, and does not require any skills, or software beyond a Web browser.
 UltraQuest Applications
UltraQuest Applications extends the UltraQuest capabilities to include support for two or three tier Web applications. UltraQuest Applications provides efficient data access, shared servers, security, and rapid application development, producing a simple and quick integration of mainframe z/OS/ and z/VM systems with the Web.
UltraQuest Gateway
UltraQuest Gateway provides access to a mainframe UltraQuest Server through an intermediate UNIX or Windows Servers. The use of UltraQuest Gateway can improve overall response time and reduce mainframe resource usage while providing additional security and control.
SOA - UltraQuest WebServices
Under a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), UltraQuest WebServices provides Web services for mainframe data sources for integration of this legacy data with new applications, built with a variety of IDEs including the Java and .NET language development environments.
UltraQuest Customer Stories
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UltraQuest FAQs

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UltraQuest Architecture
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UltraQuest Web Services
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UltraQuest Reporter
UltraQuest Web Services
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New Features

The most recent UltraQuest release includes UltraQuest Dashboards, access to Oracle data on mid-tier platforms, and much more. Click here for more detail.

Data Access and Interfaces

Data Access and Interfaces to VSAM, DB2, NOMAD, IMS, IDMS and Teradata

Mainframe Data Sources


Mid-tier Data Sources
SQL Server

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UltraQuest is easy to learn, and low impact to setup ... but it also has the power to handle complex reporting and data delivery problems. Whether you need self-service reporting, production reports, or ad-hoc access to data, it can address your most critical and difficult reporting needs.

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