Software Reuse

A definition of software reuse is the process of creating software systems from predefined software components.

The advantage of software reuse:

  • The systematic development of reusable components.
  • The systematic reuse of these components as building blocks to create new systems.

A reusable component may be code, but the bigger benefits of reuse come from a broader and higher-level view of what can be reused. Software specifications, designs, tests cases, data, prototypes, plans, documentation, frameworks, and templates are all candidates for reuse.

Software reuse can cut software development time and costs. The major advantages for software reuse are to:

  • Increase software productivity.
  • Shorten software development time.
  • Improve software system interoperability.
  • Develop software with fewer people.
  • Move personnel more easily from project to project.
  • Reduce software development and maintenance costs.
  • Produce more standardized software.
  • Produce better quality software and provide a powerful competitive advantage.

Select Business Solutions has been helping companies achieve software reuse through both technology and Component Based Development (CBD) methodology for over 10 years.

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