Transit ETL

In today’s environment, companies and IT departments are dealing with large volumes of data scattered across the enterprise on various platforms and data stores. Most times, much of this data resides on the mainframe, a complex environment that provides its share of challenges for users needing access to that critical data. Transit ETL allows companies to access this mission-critical operational data and deliver it whenever and wherever needed.

Transit ETL is designed to allow non-technical users to quickly and easily extract data from the mainframe and mid-tier systems (e.g. VSAM, QSAM, IMS, DB2, IDMS, Oracle and SQL Server), transform the data using over 100 built-in functions and operators, and save the data in one of a variety of formats, including fixed, delimited and XML. Extremely flexible, Transit ETL can be used for one time data migration projects or in daily production jobs utilizing the built-in scheduling facilities.    

According to Dennis Street, Application Engineer, “I was able to quickly build 26 conversion files for a client’s migration from a mainframe VSAM application to a new system in SQL Server. Transit ETL allowed me to complete the data transformation on time to meet the customer’s testing deadline. The customer was impressed with our timely delivery and quality of service, thanks to Transit ETL.”

Select’s Transit ETL is the perfect addition for companies wanting to move data from application to application, or from platform to platform, freeing the IT department to work on their core job functions. 

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