Ultraquest Library

The UltraQuest Library provides for shared reporting for business users. Through the Library, any user, who is granted access, can view menus of available reports, choose one, specify run-time options, including prompted parameters and output destinations, and execute it.

Like UltraQuest Reporter, the processing can be either immediate or delayed, and the output can be delivered to email, back to the Web browser, to PC applications, to mainframe attached printers, or to the holding area for subsequent viewing and redistribution.

The Library provides a much simpler interface for casual users, and does not require any skills, or software beyond a Web browser.

UltraQuest Reporter users, if granted publishing rights, may publish reports to the UltraQuest Library for use by other users. In addition, the Library can contain hand-crafted reports (built with NOMAD or the UltraQuest 4GL), links to UltraQuest Applications and links to other Web sites and Web pages. Access to reports, as well as publishing rights, are managed by a catalog of users and user groups.

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